Match Kasparov - Topalov
Leon (Spain) 10 - 13 June 1998
advanced chess
From 9 to 13 JUNE 1998  

Tuesday, 9 June      

10.30 Reception in the Excma. Diputación Provincial of León.    
10.45 Reception in the Excmo. Ayuntamiento de León.    
12.30 Reception Junta in the Castilla y León     
20.00 Press Conference of Mr. Kasparov and Mr. Topalov in the Conde Luna Hotel.     

Wednesday, 10 June      

16.30 1st and 2nd round of the Match Kasparov-Topalov    

Thursday, 11 June      

16.30 3rd and 4th round of the Match Kasparov-Topalov    

Friday, 12 June    

16.30  5th and 6th round of the Match Kasparov-Topalov     

Saturday, 13 June    

11.30 Press Conference at the University    
17.00 Simultáneas of Gary Kasparov vs. Personalities and afitionated people from the city of León. Place: Hall of the Faculty of Philosophie    
21:00 Closing Ceremony    
22.00 Closing Dinner to Sponsors and Personalities in the restaurant "PRADA A TOPE"