51-th Russia Championship
Saint Petersburg, 27 July - 8 August 1998
Photo Gallery
Photo by Sergey Sorokhtin

The playing hall

ThThe The stage

Champion of the Russia 1998 - Alexander Morozevich

Peter Svidler - the second plase

Konstantin Sakaev - the third plase, by the common opinion the best player of all at this championship

P President FIDE K.Illumzhinov and President of the Russian Chess Federation
A.Selivanov on the press conference
President FIDE Kirsan Ilumzhinov and chief of the organizational committee, vice-mayor of the St.-Petersburg Valery Malyshev

Ex-president of Russian Chess Federation Andrey Makarov and GM Mark Taimanov

Alisa Galliamova

Mikhail Kobalija

Valery Popov


The The playing hall

C Chief of the press center - GM Mark Taimanov

The chief of jury - GM G.Sosonko

GM GM S.Rublevsky - the leader of the championship's start

E E.Solozhenkin - the St Petersburg's champion

T St Petersburg's GM K.Sakaev and P.Svidler - the leaders of the championship after 9 rounds

P.Svidler - M.Kobalija


V V.Epishin




Y.Vasiliev - Russian journalist from the biggest sport newspaper
"Sport-express" lighted the main World Chess tournaments