An interview with an international master
Alexander Grischuk

The winner of the 1999 M.I.Chigorin Memorial Alexander Grischuk and his coach Anatoly Bykhovsky answered our questions

How turned out the tournament for you?

A.G. I won three games in a row from 4th to 6th round and entered a leader group. From this point I didn't miss the leadership. It was easy and pleasant to play this event.

What was at the bottom of your success?

A.G. I played rather well at previous tournaments, too, but played irregularly - some games worse, some games better.
A.B. Alexander's play has had an appreciable progress for the last year. I have no to claim for him for the Memorial - all games he played well, and several ones were just brilliant!

Most likely, it's a rather rare event last time in Russia, I mean a victory of 16 years old chessplayer at such a prominent tournament. Why didn't Alexander take part at the strong Young Masters Tournament at Lausanne?

A.B. Unfortunately, nobody from Russia was invited. It could be not necessarily Grischuk, but, say, Malakhov or Galkin could participate. I think, Russian Chess Federation might have took trouble about it.

We hope, the next year this omission will be corrected. Good luck!

A.G. and A.B. Thank you!

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