Konstantin Sakaev Konstantin Sakaev is the winner of the New Year's St.Petersburg blitz-championships!

30 December 2000 Shahcom Company provided an online transmission of blitz-games in the playing hall of the St.Petersburg central chess club and on our site from the traditional New Year's St.Petersburg blitz-championships . In the tournament took part GMs Konstantin Sakaev (2620), Konstantin Aseev (2581), Valerij Popov (2555), Alexei Lugovoi (2528), Vasily Yemelin (2503), Valery Loginov (2502), promising young chess players - the last year winner of this tournament 19 y.o. Aleksei Eliseev, 19 y.o. Evgenij Shaposhnikov (2545), 15 y.o. Evgenij Alekseev (2509) and 14 y.o. Pavel Anisimov (2310) and others.
Results .
Leaders' games with java-viewer
Leaders' games in zipped PGN