Olympic Capital Young Masters tournament

The third edition of the Olympic Capital Young Masters tournament took place May 20th-27th . Invited were the 8 best juniors of the world ranking list published by the FIDE on 31.12.2000. Furthermore the organising comitee invited 4 additional players to complete to 12 participants.
The final list of participants was the following: GM Ponomariov (Elo 2677), GM Bacrot (Elo 2618), GM Sasikiran (2601), GM Bruzon (junior world champion, Elo 2584), GM Bu (youngest titled GM, Elo 2558), MI Ghaem Maghami (Iran, Elo 2554), GM Aronian (Elo 2522), GM Harikrishna (Elo 2500), IM Jenni (Elo 2493), IM Volokytin (Elo 2466), WF Zhao (Elo 2440), WGM Kosteniuk (Elo 2402).
At the same time May 22th-27th is held the Olympic Capital MASTERS Open (9 rounds). Have registered : GM Graf (former Nenashev!!), GM Vladimirov, GM Bauer, GM Tukmakov, GM Adianto, GM Pinter, GM Sokolov, IM Dominguez, GM Gelashvili, GM Hebden, IM Czebe, GM Gallagher and other GM's and IM's.
It was an online transmission of games at the official web site : www.lausanneyoungmasters.com which is provided by our Shahcom Company .
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From the preliminary stage quaified GM Bu CHN, GM Aronian ARM, GM Harikrishna IND and IM Volokitin UKR.
From the Quaterfinal qualified GM Bacrot (2618) FRA vs Aronian (2522) ARM, GM Sasikiran (2601) IND vs Harikrishna (2500) IND, GM Bruzon (2584) CUB vs GM Bu (2558) and IM Volokytin (2466) UKR vs GM Ponomariov (2677) UKR.
Final standings:
1 . Bruzon
2 . Bacrot
3 . Sasikiran
4 . Volokitin
5 . Aronian
6 . Ponomariov
7 . Bu
8 . Harikrishna

Ponomariov 1/2,0-1
Bu 1/2,1/2
Bruzon 0-1,1/2
Harikrishna 1/2,1/2
Sasikiran 1/2, 0-1
Bacrot 1/2,1/2
Aronian 1-0,0-1,1-0,0-1,1-0

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