55th Russian Championship, Krasnodar, 28th August - 5th September.
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Aleksander Lastin became the winner of the 55th Russian Championship , which took place in Krasnodar 28th August - 5th September.
There were 50 participants: Sergey Volkov 2636, Aleksander Lastin 2625, Andrey Kharlov 2609, Aleksander Rustemov 2598, Yury Yakovich 2586, Valerij Popov 2579, Evgeny Gleizerov 2576, Konstantin Aseev 2575, Aleksander Galkin 2572, Aleksey Kornev 2567 and others.
The final standings of the leaders:
1. Aleksander Lastin - 6.5
2-5. Vasily Yemelin, Aleksander Rustemov, Alexey Korotylev and Pavel Smirnov - 6 each

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