Chigorin memorial, Saint-Petersburg October 25 - November 3.

Alexander Fominyh Alexander Fominyh became the winner of the Chigorin memorial (Open A).
Our congratulations!
The 10th open international chess tournament M.I.Chigorin Memorial took place in Saint-Petersburg October 25 - November 3.
There were 2 tournaments:
"Open A"- for players with ELO more than 2350, Swiss system, 9 rounds,
"Open B"- for players with ELO under 2400, Swiss system, 9 rounds.
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The final standings of the leaders :
1. Fominyh, Alexander 7.0
2. Areshchenko, Alexander 6.5
3. Timofeev, Artyom 6.5
4. Yevseev, Denis 6.5
5. Kovchan, Alexander 6.5
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