Konstantin Aseev Konstantin Aseev,
International Grandmaster

FIDE World Chess Championship,
India, 30 November.

1. Morozevich - Milos A first confident victory without any effects in French Defence, which turned out from Sicilian Defence.
2. Bologan - Anand A first calm draw.
3. Dao - Adams Black has equaled the game in Nimco Defence.
4. Shirov - Onischuk An exciting duel. After the Exchange sacrifice Rd5 White has captured the initiative and had chances to gain a success. But in result only a draw.
5. Volkov - Leko White has not raised any problem before Black. It seems that even the final position has met.
6. Ivanchuk - Ehlvest In English Opening Ivanchuk has not raised any special problems before Ehlvest. In the final position in the Rook endgame White has to expect no for anything special.
7. In the game Kharlov - Topalov in a variation, where Black has not a shadow of problems, Topalov chose an old-fashioned Qc8 and gradually has got worse and after a blind on the 22nd move has remained without a pawn and any compensation. Only thanks to a further White's unhappy play it turned out a draw.
8. Bareev - Vaganian Black has got a constrained but nearly equal position. Nevertheless further Bareev has managed to find an elegant resource - an undermining 42. f5! Recently White began to catch the Bishop and Black's position has crumbled as a house of cards.
9. Macieja - Krasenkov A duel saturated with a great fight, where first White has gained the better chances then Black had an overwhelming material advantage. But... as a result - a draw
10. Kasymdzhanov - Tregubov Black has not managed to solve the opening's problems and resigned yet to the 29th move.
11. Bacrot - Svidler A draw in anti-Grunfeld showed that White think about a tie-break.
12. Gelfand - Dizdarevic Boris Gelfand has carried out the game consecutively
and purposefully. The result - 1:0
13. Nataf succeeded to press Short slightly, but not more than on a half-point.
14. Smirin failed to raise serious problems before Grischuk - a draw.
15. As well as Dreev (Black) has not suffered even a shadow of problems in the game against Malakhov.
16. Azmaiparashvili in a purely positional key showed defects of placing the pieces by Baklan and although in the endgame there were certain technical problems nevertheless - 1:0
17. Lputian in 26 moves outplayed Rublevsky. At that Black decided to intercept the initiative but was punished since the backwardness in the development.
18. Vladimirov (Black) equalized the playing advantage of Almasi by an accurate defence. Draw.
19. Yermolinsky has realized his duel against Xu Jun with an animation. 1:0
20. Gurevich failed to raise any serious problems before Minasian. Draw.
21. Lutz failed to equalize with white the play against the World Champion but he managed to escape for a draw.
22. Iordachescu has not "got out" from the opening against Movsesian (White) 1:0
23. Nisipeanu - Georgiev - a passing draw.
24. Aleksandrov outplayed Akopian well with black but at the end of the game vice-Champion of the World succeeded (at the expense of a possible stalemate combination, for example 60...Nd4 61. Qd5! etc.) to escape for a draw.
25. Galkin - Beliavsky - a draw.
26. Lesiege (Black) was able to oppose nothing against Tkachiev. 1:0
27. Adianto (White) submissively lost against Peng.
28. Piket in a classic stile defeated Nevednichy.
29. Benjamin was in no mood for fight against Leitao with white. A draw.
30. Ivanov "got out of control" with white against Serper. 0:1
31. Sasikiran having an extra pawn roughlyf missed on the 30th move f4?? And lost against Van Wely.
32. Gulko - Chernin - a draw. Who checked who in the opening? Were both satisfied of a short draw?

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