Konstantin Aseev Konstantin Aseev,
International Grandmaster

FIDE World Chess Championship,
India, 1 December.

1. Anand - Bologan Anand has not missed his "serve", realizing in the Brayer variation a "Spanish torture".
2. Milos - Morozevich Morozevich, as they say, is at one's best. He strikes a convincing second blow.
3. Adams - Dao Adams failed to overcome the resistance of his opponent, but in the active chess an evident preference also on his side.
4. Onischuk - Shirov For some reason Onischuk was not convenient for a draw. Is it a special use?
5. Leko - Volkov Volkov failed to oppose something to White's play. Perhaps too much strengths took away the previous match against Sakaev.
6. Ehlvest - Ivanchuk Ehlvest also decided to transfer the fight's heaviness on the active chess.
7. Topalov - Kharlov Kharlov failed to solve completely the opening's problems. Topalov's undermining 17.d4-d5 emphasized the White's advantage, which he led to victory. Here took place an old rule - if one do not score a goal from a favorable position - he got the ball into his own goal.
8. Vaganian - Bareev Vaganian carried out the game highly energetically and restored the status quo.
9. Krasenkov - Macieja Krasenkov failed to launch a fight with white color. Hre also all will be determined in the tie-break.
10. Trgubov - Kasymdzhanov To a honor of the Champion of the Europe Tregubov managed to win with white and now his chances in active chess none the worse.
11. Svidler - Bacrot Svidler failed to prove the advantage of the white color.
12. Dizdarevich - Gelfand Gelfand has not gave any chances to his opponent in the second game as well as in the first one.
13. Short - Nataf Short does not show a big play yet. Perhaps he hasn't enough mood.
14. Grischuk - Smirin Grischuk had all chances to gain a victory. May be he has got excited? For example, after 25.a4 (instead of 25.Re6) the White's position is completely winning.
15. Dreev - Malakhov Dreev failed to obtain victory in the main time as well.
16. Baklan - Azmaiparashvili Azmaiparashvili easily kept the black color and has qualified for the next stage.
17. Rublevsky - Lputian Rublevsky managed to launch a great play but it seems that better was to take the Exchange at once (16. Bf8, though in this case Black retained a certain initiative as well). After 19...f6 already White should be extremely accurate. The result - a draw and in the next stage qualified Smbat Lputian.
18. Vladimirov - Almashi The fight was ended before it had time to flare. A draw on the 20th move.
19. Xu Jun - Yermolinsky Yermolinsky vindicated the black color and qualified for the next stage.
20. Minasian - Gurevich Gurevich has made a draw with black without any problems. Where will carry out the tie-break?
21. Khalifman - Lutz A draw in the second game as well as in the first one.
22. Iordachesku - Movsesian Iordachesku carried out his whit duel well.
23. Georgiev - Nisipianu Georgiev failed to realize his advantage. We 'll wait tie-break.
24. Aleksandrov - Akopian Akopian played highly optimistically with black, sacrificing a piece. And was punished for this. Aleksandrov passed further.
25. Beliavsky - Galkin Beliavsky developed an exciting initiative. Galkin has remained in a role of an observer.
26. Lesiege - Tkachiev Tkachiev has had to suffer to obtain a draw. Draw and he is in the next stage.
27. Peng - Adianto It is wonderful how Adianto managed to stick a fight to Peng playing with black and to win back.
28. Nevednichiy - Piket Nevednichiy with white has burned one's bridges. The result - 0:2 Piket is waiting the next rival.
29. Leitao - Benjamin Leitao has demonstrated a good technics, defeated Bendjamin in a long game.
30. Serper - Ivanov It was difficult for Ivanov to play for a victory with black, nevertheless Serper had a little truble (stronger for Black was 20...gh4 with a slight advantage). But only for an instant. The result 2:0
31. Van Wely - Sasikiran Van Wely has arranged to his rival a "King Indian" torture. 2:0

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