Ruslan Ponomariov 8 years old Ruslan Ponomariov - World champion Ruslan Ponomariov and Boris Yeshan
Boris Yeshan,
director of "Shahcom company"
From the childhood - in the champions...
(notes of the eyewitness).

     For the first time I have got acquainted with Ruslan in 1998 on tournament in Engiene, suburb of Paris. He was there with the first trainer and namesake Boris Ponomariov, and I provided transmission of games of the tournament in the hall and in the Internet.
    As far as I could also carry out a role of the interpreter of Ponomariovs, there was an opportunity to observe the youngest grandmaster then in the world. Was felt, that this 14-year's thin young man has his own world outlook, which he, to tell the truth, was going to thrust on nobody, that the natural modesty is inherent to him, and only casually I have found out he was on that moment the youngest grandmaster in the world, instead of his coeval Etiene Bacrot, about which wrote much more in the chess editions (Ruslan is younger Etiene for 2 months) and rushed in eyes the backbone, which did not allow the adults to offer him something twice. At our first meeting I yet did not know, that Ruslan as the chess player compare with Karpov frequently, but, remembering 15-year's Anatoly, with which I have got acquainted on Spartakiad of the schoolboys in St.-Petersburg, I could note something similar in their characters - probably, it is possible to name early growning up. And, already having got acquainted with the games of Ruslan and his analysis of the finished games, I, as at one time, 20 years back, have thought of maximum applicability of this chess player - to be the World champion.
    After final of the tournament we went for a walk on Paris, and the natural inquisitiveness of the boy did not contradict with the self-respect inherent him. We have begun the route from the outskirts, and Ruslan has asked me: "why do you like Paris so much? In Kramatorsk the buildings are not worse!" As approaching to the centre of Paris, his face has changed, and at Louvre he has told with admiration: "yeah..." Same feature was showed later in Switzerland, when he protected our chessclock from the attacks of the Swiss organizer who has declared, that the chessclock is good, but external look - " Russian design " also is not necessary to take offence - you 70 years were outside of civilizations. Ruslan was very much indignant and did not hide it. In the chess game it is expressed in reliance of himself. Quality, certainly, necessary to the chess player, without it it is impossible to become the champion, but sometimes the comprehension by Ruslan his own strength, resulted in the good-natured attitude to the contender. I remember the case on 1st tournament of the young masters in Lausanne in 1999, where we again could meet, when I suddenly have paid the attention to that Ruslan sits opposite to the contender with good-natured expression on the face. The game he unexpectedly has lost, and it became a subject of our conversation at breakfast. I have expressed him the opinion, that with such attitude to the contender it is difficult to beat him, I have cited the examples from practice of the famous chess players and have received complete satisfaction, observing for the Ruslan's game in the next round, when his contender was, as is spoken, torn in the pieces. By the way, an explanation of good nature to me has given Boris Ponomariov, in which family Ruslan lived from 10-year's age, having moved in Kramatorsk from the city Gorlovka Donetsk's region, where he was born on November 11, 1983. So, on words of Boris, Ruslan from the early age was sure, that he plays better his contenders! By the way, observing for the attitude to Ruslan both contenders, and organizers within already 4 years, I am ever more convinced, that this reliance transferes to them also.
    ┌ Last year Ruslan has arrived with his new trainer a famous grandmaster from Lugansk Gennady Kuzmin. It seemed, that it is a very successful choice, the trainer and his ward understand each other from a half-word, as both they are laconic... But it in a chess, and in "ordinary" life Ruslan is able to have a rest, has perfect sense of humour.
    At once he has persuaded us to go in cafe - karaoke, to sing. From songs, which appeared in the list, any not was familiar to us, but it has not confused Ruslan, he has offered me to go together with him on a scene and to sing... Vysotsky. I have refused, having referred on a hoarse voice, and then Ruslan has gone alone and has sung and has played all so, that the numerous spectators, not having understood no one word for Russian, applauded furiously. Probably, having recollected this evening, Ruslan on time of our last meeting in Moscow already after a gain of a title of the World champion, has told: "I think, may be I should submit the application with the request for a resignation to Ilumzhinov and to sit with you somewhere?"
    But nothing of human is alien for him: in May of the last year, after unsuccessful play on tournament, Ruslan absolutely seriously has asked me: "May be I should finish to play chess?" And on my surprised question: "and you told me this inspite of the large number your successful tournaments?", he has replyed: " well, it was in childhood..." In all subsequent tournaments he played perfectly: command and personal championships of Europe, command championship of the world and at last - personal FIDE championship of the world! And it already in adult life...

       The chess way of Ruslan Ponomariov :
      1994 - 1 place in championship of the world among the boys till 12 years, 3 place in championship of Ukraine till 12 years.
      1995 - 1 place in championship of Ukraine among the boys till 16 years, 1 place in championship of Ukraine among the boys till 18 years, 1-2 places in championship of Ukraine among boys till 20 years, 1 place in championship of Europe among the boys till 12 years.
      1996 - 1 place in championship of Europe till 18 years.
      1997 - 1 place in championship of the world among the boys till 18 years.
      1998 - 1 place in zonal (zone 1.9 FIDE) tournament of the World championship.
      1999 - 1 place in World youthful Olympiad.
      2000 - 3 place on World chess Olympiad in Istanbul, 1 place on 2-nd board.
      2001 - 2 place in championship of Europe among the men (Macedonia), 1 place in supertournament 15 categories Cup of the Governor (Kramatorsk), 1 place in the team championship of the world (Yerevan), 1 place on 2nd board, has got the final of the World championship(Moscow).

      International master since 1996, international grandmaster since 1997, member of national team Ukraine since 1998, The deserved master of sports of Ukraine since 2001.
Joint-stock company "Danko" helped in the achievement of Ruslan Ponomariov successes.

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