Vladimir Kramnik's congratulation on Aeroflot Open to the participants and organizers of the tournament

  "Dear Sirs and Madams, dear chess lovers,
I am sorry, that due to the preparation for tournament in Linares, Spain and because of other duties in Western Europe I was not able to participate personally in the opening of 2003 in my native city. Nevertheless, I would like to express my special gratitude for this invitation. Unbelievable resonance in chess world, participation of more than 500 chess players, among them there are 150 my colleagues - grandmasters, all that reveals that a tournament, although being held for a second time, has already gained prestige niche in sport competition schedule. In this year "Aeroflot Open 2003", is estimated and taken with great enthusiasm by all chess world.
  I would like to congratulate the organizers on their decision to hold this year in Moscow competitions on classic chess. It might become a good tradition. Only classical or professional time control provides to a player the unique opportunities for experience of all the beauty and thorough fullness of our wonderful game. I am sure, that one can expect excellent games, which shall be remembered for a long period of time. It seems to me, that it has great importance nowadays, where love of spectators are so short. I am specially pleased with the fact, that a winner of "Aeroflot Open" shall, subsequently be invited to Dortmund for a classical supertournament, which I have won six times already, and I am going to participate this year. It is good that such a big enterprise as "Aeroflot" realizes the meaning of chess in the sphere of mass media, advertisement and public relations. I would like to congratulate "Aeroflot" representatives on their perspective decision.
  I wish good luck to all participants of splendid games and to organizers - successful accomplishment of tournament."
Vladimir Kramnik
World chess champion

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