Teimour Radjabov is 20!

Tejmour Radjabov 12th March is 20 to the Azerbaijan grandmaster Tejmour Radjabov, one of the strongest chess players in the World, who enters into the World chess elite.
Teimour Radjabov was born 12th March 1987 in Baku. He is the sevenfold winner and the prize-winner of the youth World and Europe Championships (from them 5 gold medals). In the age of 12 years Teimour became the winner of the Europe Championship among 18 years old chess players (this is a World record: a victory over continental superiority in such early age, it is beaten by nobody till now). He is the international master since 11 years old, the international grandmaster since 13 years old (for that moment was the youngest grandmaster in World Chess History). Radjabov is the participant of a historical match of "the New Century" in the team of the rest World which won this match against Russian team in the Kremlin in 2002. Teimour is the finalist of the Cup "Grand prix" in Moscow, the bronze prize-winner of the man's World Championship 2004, the vice-champion of the Europe in 2005, the double owner of the Cup of the European Champions in the teams of the French club "NAO Chess Club" and "BOSNA" from Saraevo, the champion of France in the team of NAO Chess Club, the silver prize-winner of the Cup of the Europe in the team of Russian club "Ladja-Kazan" (the first board of the team), the bronze prize-winner of the first World Championship FIDE in blitz, the winner of the first Cup of the President Gejdar Aliev, the semifinalist of the 1st super-Cup of ACP-round, the winner and the prize-winner of many of the most prestigious International grandmasters tournaments (in the beginning of 2007 he won the most prestigious super-tournament in Wejk-an-Zee), one of the strongest grandmasters of the World, who has victories over many World Champions such as Karpov, Kasparov, Anand, Ponomariov and Topalov.
Recently in Russia there issued a book devoted to chess child prodigies (Capablanka, Fischer, Kasparov, Polgar) where a separate chapter is devoted to Teimour Radjabov.
Teimour represents a sports society "Neftchi" and heads a national chess man's team of Azerbaijan since 14 years old.
Radjabov is a student of the Baku State University of a faculty of law. He is the ambassador of good will UNICEF since 2006.

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