Distance chess

57th Russian Chess Championship

20-31 May, 2004

Online transmission

Dear friends! We have developed a new Shahcom game viewer. It allows to watch all the games at the same time, to see the time on the chessplayers clocks and besides, you can change the color of pieces and board. Please, help us sending your comments on our new viewer to this e-mail .
To watch the games online you should download and install the viewer on your PC. After that you just click on the games below and enjoy watching them.

Dreev - Ivanov
Epishin - Zvjaginsev
Popov - Tseshkovsky
Khalifman - Najer
Sakaev - Yevseev
Riazantsev - Volkov
Romanov - Andreikin
Alekseev - Yakovich
Tregubov - Burmakin
Shaposhnikov - Nikolenko
Nepomniachtchi - Landa
Kuzmin - Dolmatov
Belov - Dobrov
Ionov - Solovjov
Kurnosov - Gleizerov
Loginov - Shapovalenko
Danin - Silivanov