1st Distance Draughts match


The opponents are located on the long distance between each other in their native city. They use the electronic draughts board "Shahcom" . The moves by players are transmitted on the opponent's clock over the internet.


Alexander Shvartsman

Online transmission
GM Alexander Shvartsman (Moscow) - GM Alexander Georgiev (Saint-Petersburg)
2 March 2006
The match consists of two games. The time control is 20 minutes + 10 seconds per move.

              Alexander Georgiev

Dear friends! To watch the games online you should download and install our viewer on your PC. Then you just click on the game below and enjoy watching it.

The result of the 1st game is draw. The 2nd game starts at 20-10 (+3 GMT).
The second game is also draw.
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Current game

Distance chess       See utterances and pictures about the
1st Distance Chess Match Saint-Petersburg - Paris, 27 May 2003:
Participants and results:
1. A.Khalifman (Saint-Petersburg) - V.Kramnik (Paris) 1/2
2. P.Svidler (Saint-Petersburg) - T.Radjabov (Paris) 1/2
3. V.Korchnoi (Saint-Petersburg) - L.Fressinet (Paris) 1-0
4. K.Sakaev (Saint-Petersburg) - S.Karjakin (Paris) 1/2