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"Shahcom has some very good systems"
G.Kasparov, Buenos Aires, December 1998.

   Shahcom Company suggests the demonstration service of the chess tournaments in the playing hall and online Internet coverage. Utilizing special electronic chess boards and pieces, with which the participants play, each move is automatically entered into a computer and instantly displayed on the demonstration screen on the stage, and by screens of TV-sets, located in the press center, rest rooms, foyer etc.
   The display allows from 1 to 8 boards per screen. Display of moves is made at the actual speed moves are played on the board, and error-free. This is especially important for spectators in the case of blitz games, active chess or time trouble in classic games. At the same time each move is transmitted to any web site as well as could be broadcast on television without technical problems.
   As well as diagrams and move notation, there can also be video images of the players, logos, advertising of sponsors and other information.
   Besides the demonstration of games simultaneously could be provided the annotations for spectators and internet users.    Shahcom Company have the experience in the tournaments in different countries including 24 games in the blitz-match Kasparov-Kramnik.
терапевтическое лечение зубов на выгодных условиях Finance Phantom Our main achievement:

  -World Championship match Karpov-Kamsky, 1996
  -Kasparov-Topalov advanced chess match, Leon, Spain, June, 1998
  -Active Chess World Cup, Cap d'Agde, France, October, 1998
  -PCA Grand Classic, Lord Novgorod The Great, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997
  -The 2-nd International Chess Open, Bastia (Corsica), November, 1998
  -Kasparov-Kramnik blitz-match, Moscow, Russia, November, 1998
  -XV category international tournament, Enghien, France, March 1999
  -The Lausanne Young Masters Chess Tournament, Lausanne, May 1999, June 2000
  -French Championship, Besancon (France), August 16 - 29, 1999
  -The distance chess match Saint-Petersburg - Paris, 2003
  -Spanish Team Championship, Lanzarote, 2003
  -57th Russia Championship, Saint-Petersburg, 2004
  -The distance chess match Saint-Petersburg - New-York, 2005
  -The International chess tournament "Aerosvit-2006", Foros, Ukraine
   and others.
So, we offer you the possibility to make a really good coverage from your tournament.

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