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Selected games of V.Korchnoi

1. V.Korchnoi, "Selected games", St.Petersburg, 1996, 232 p., $15.

The outstanding contemporary grandmaster Viktor Korchnoi has for many years belonged to the world chess elite. This is the first collection of his selected games published in Russia. Its issue timed to celebrate 50 years of Korchnoi's performances in tournaments this distinguished chessplayer. The book collects 86 games critically selected and annotated by the author. Last 10 games are annotated by other grandmasters. V.Korchnoi's annotations written during the intervening years and revised in 1995 reflect the creative style of the author and the evolution of his chess world view. Of great interest is the article about the candidates' match vs. Mikhail Tal (1968). A separate section has games with comments by Mikhail Botvinnik, Salo Flohr, Boris Gulko and other grandmasters. Two interesting games from recent tournaments are annotated by grandmaster Alexander Khalifman specially for this collection. The book is a result of a great deal of interest in perfomances in both tournaments and matchs played by V.Korchnoi over the period of 1946-1995 years. The book is illustrated with previously unpublished photos of V.Korchnoi spanning his career.


2. "The Hastings chess tournament, 1895", St.Petersburg, 1995, 332 p., $17.

The book devoted to the 100th anniversary of the international chess tournament Hastings-1895 contains all games from this famous competition, where E.Lasker, W.Steinitz, M.Chigorin, Z.Tarrasch and other outstanding chess players of that time participated. The tournament games were held as sharp uncompromising struggles and are of unquestionable interest to modern chesslovers as examples of inspired creativity of last luminaries. A first collection of these games was issued in England soon after the completion of the tournament, with participants being annotators themselves. The second collection occurred in Germany a year later with a chess master and a chess journalist Emil Schallop as the editor-in-chief. He broadly reworked the English edition for the European chess audience. The current edition is the third collection of games from this tournament and includes Schallop's annotations for the first time translated to Russian. The title includes analysis and annotations by masters of subsequent generations, evaluations which focus on key moments of struggle. Some games are given with annotations of Z.Tarrasch, G.Levenfish and P.Romanovsky, as published at 30-ies and 40-ies. The foreword to the book is written by the grandmaster Mark Taimanov.

3. M.Taimanov, "I was the Fischer's victim", St.Petersburg, 1993, 212 p., 7$.

The author in a very interesting form tells us about dramatic events of the famous World Championship Candidates' match in 1971, which he lost with the score of 0:6 to the legendary chessplayer Bobby Fischer. This match's result shocked the chess world. It was the first whitewash victory in the World Championship matches. And though it followed by a similar result in the subsequent match vs. Bent Larsen, Taimanov's defeat had grave consequences in the author's career. Taimanov annotates in detail all games from the match, some of which he has relentlessly analysed in the interim. In spite of the fact that many people are embarrased to ask Mark Taimanov about Bobby Fischer, the author regards the duel as one of the brightest and the most significant events of his life.

4. L.Mitrofanov, V.Fedorov, "The illusory simplicity", St.Petersburg, 1993, 112 p., 11$.

This book is the last published work of Leopold Mitrofanov, the famous Russian chess composer.


5. "ShahForum", N1, St.Petersburg, 1992, 300 p., 3$.

The first and second issues of the magazine are published in the Russian language, but conventional positional designations are used, faciliating readers of all languages. The third issue is published in English. Among the authors of the 1st issue are V.Salov, A.Khalifman, I.Glek, V.Chekhov, and others. In the 1st volume you can read articles: Chekhov, "New ideas in the Sveshnikov variation"; Glek, "Openings theory on the Xth Spartakiade of peoples of the USSR"; Khalifman, "Theoretical results of the candidates' quarterfinal matches" etc.

6. "ShahForum", N2, St.Petersburg, 1992/93, 280 p., 3$.

The 2nd issue of the "ShahForum" magazine contains the following articles: A.Khalifman, "Sicilian defence at the Olympiad in Manila"; V.Epishin, "Annotations to games of candidates' matches"; V.Chekhov, "Open variation of the Spanish game" and others.


7. "ShahForum", N3, St.Petersburg, 1993, 250 p., 3$.

The 3rd issue of the "ShahForum" magazine contains the following articles: A.Khalifman, "Supertournament in Linares"; S.Makarichev, "Simmetric system of the Russian game"; Y.Balashov, "Breyer variation of the Spanish game"; G.Nesis, "Counter-fianchetto of the Dragon Variation" and others (all in English). Besides, there are about 1500 games from top tournaments at each issue of the magazine.

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