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Grandmaster Konstantin Sakaev

Bullet K.Sakaev - M.Ulibin, Dubai, 2000 New!
Bullet A.Shirov - V.Topalov, Sarajevo, 2000
Bullet N.Short - P.Svidler, KC Internet Grand Prix, 2000, m/2
Bullet P.Svidler - N.Short, KC Internet Grand Prix, 2000, m/1
Bullet A.Bezgodov - K.Sakaev, Moscow, 1999
Bullet K.Sakaev - M.Kobalija, Moscow, 1999
Bullet K.Sakaev - I.Ibragimov, Moscow, 1999, m/4
Bullet K.Sakaev - I.Ibragimov, Moscow, 1999, m/1
Bullet A.Fominyh - K.Sakaev, Moscow, 1999
Bullet A.Raetsky - K.Sakaev, St.Petersburg, 1999
Bullet A.Beliavsky - K.Sakaev, Vrnjacka-Banja, 1999

Grandmaster Sergey Ivanov

Bullet R.Akesson - S.Ivanov, Stockholm, 2000
Bullet S.Ivanov - H.Westerinen, Stockholm, 1999
Bullet S.Ivanov - S.Solovjov, St.Petersburg, 1999
Bullet E.Alekseev - S.Ivanov, St.Petersburg, 1999
Bullet V.Korchnoi - B.Spassky, St.Petersburg, 1999

Grandmaster Mark Taimanov

Bullet A.Fedorov - B.Gulko, Las Vegas, 1999
Bullet L.Aronian - E.Rozentalis, Las Vegas, 1999

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Bullet Grandmaster Peter Svidler
Bullet Grandmaster Konstantin Sakaev
Bullet Grandmaster Sergey Ivanov
Bullet Grandmaster Konstantin Aseev
Bullet Grandmaster Sergey Ionov

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